Tailored Agri-Business Foreign Exchange

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Trueview Currency Consultants is an independent consulting firm providing tailored, client-centric advise on how companies can get the most out of their Foreign Exchange dealings.

From transactional efficiencies, hedging strategies, and overall market commentary, Trueview is committed to seeing FX move up the priority list of business decisions for local firms that are heavily export driven.

Any Canadian Agri-business wanting greater benefit from their FX participation, will be best served by utilizing Trueview’s services.

Martin Vanderloo, Huron Commodities

The Agri-Business Sector and Foreign Exchange

We believe that:

  • Agri-Business is an important sector of the Canadian economy.
  • Agri-Business does not receive full attention from foreign exchange providers.
  • Dynamic FX strategies for already hedge-focused businesses can incrementally improve yields within existing risk-profiles.
  • Export driven businesses can improve participation in the FX market.
  • Higher priority should be placed on effective FX market participation given Canada’s export driven economy.

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